A Love Note


I never imagined walking into a local show late February 2007 that my life would change forever. With my brother and his best friend by my side we walked into the the double doors and almost immediately an adorable boy in light jeans and Pumas approached us. He looked at my brother (an important part in our story.my brother is my best friend and of course he would need to approve!)and said “hey you’re marks kid!” I was immediately love struck and I wanted his attention..badly! I whined “I’m Mark’s kid too!” he said hello and we went our separate ways. But for some reason every time I turned around that night there he was! (Later revealed he kept an eye on me all night. I found that to be the cutest thing ever!) As the night came to an end we saw him one last time..he gave us one last high five and we were off. But I could not get my mind off of him.


A few days later he had found me on MySpace and sent me a message. I quickly gave him my number and told him to call me. I had butterflies rushing through my stomach. He called and asked me to go to his band practice. I agreed and he picked me up and took me to his friend Cory’s house. He was a drummer! My weakness…I absolutely love drummers!!


We continued to hang out more and more frequently. We shared our first kiss on my brothers birthday…he was holding me and I kissed him on his shoulder and looked up into his eyes. He leaned down and kissed me and I was in heaven. There was no way I was coming down. One day after a visit to “our park” he simply said if we were to get married it would have to be after my brother gets back from his mission in June. I agreed I wanted to wait till after I graduated high school. It all became a solid feeling in our hearts. We were meant for each other. He let me pick out my ring and on our six month anniversary he took me on a fancy date. We were all dressed up and on a fancy carriage ride around salt lake. We stopped at temple square and walked around hand in hand. He stopped in front of the temple and told me he loved me more than anything else in this world and he wanted me to be his forever. Then he got down on one knee and brought out a ring. My ring! I was so happy I could not stop laughing! I kept kissing and hugging him..my future husband!


It’s a strange thing being in high school and being engaged. I was only 17 but I had met the man of my dreams and I was irrevocably in love with him. I walked around the halls with the prettiest of rings on and listened to almost every excuse in the book on why I shouldn’t get married. Especially so young…but I didn’t care. I didn’t listen. All I knew was that I wanted Skyler. FOREVER. And only him. I wasn’t going to settle for anything less than being his wife.



Planning a wedding and graduating was a tough process but we made it through! There were so many times we had his little green Civic packed and ready for Vegas but we always quickly turned back. We had to do this the right way..with our families surrounding us.



On the most perfect of days..(July 12, 2008..my grandpa’s birthday) I got into the perfect white dress in a small dressing room surrounded by my bridesmaids. I was ready to walk down the aisle. I held on tight to my dads arm and began walking..there he was. Waiting for me at the end of the aisle. My eyes were fixed on him..in his cute tux. In just a few moments I would be his…my heart soared as we said “I do” and read our vows to each other. We were inseparable now.



Skyler, our love story is like something in a dream to me. Every time I see your sweet face I fall deeper in love with you. Every time we kiss I’m in heaven. I relive all the special memories in my mind and it’s like we are new again. They are so vivid and so beautiful. Like on our wedding day when you sang our song softly in my ear as we shared our first dance as husband and wife. Can you believe it’s been just 5 short years since we first laid eyes on each other? Now we have two amazingly beautiful daughters and our life is complete. I will always only ever want you. You are so special to me and so unique. There is no one like you in this world and I am happy (and privileged) to call you mine. I love being your wife and being your partner in crime. But most of all I love you. All of you. Forever.


Your wife.. Cynthia Lewis. MRS. Lewis