Day 10- A story about a past relationship.

The old me and the new me have a bad bad romance with each other.

The old me was slimmer, and prettier (to an extent). But the old me was weak and let others fill her head with untrue words. She often was pushed around and let people take advantage of her.

The new me…is…thicker. Hair that often times goes unbrushed, a face lacking in make-up. But she is stronger. Much stronger. She got sick of people telling her untrue things and being taken advantage of. She turned her back on those people and found real, true love.

She used to wrap her arms around herself with pain and self hate. Now she wraps her self around her beautiful children and her handsome husband.

Like a bad addiction, sometimes the old me slithers into the new me’s mind. Whispering the hateful words and enticing old habits. But the new me is stronger and believes that she is worth much more than that.