Day 09- Something/someone you’re proud of. (Im so bad at keeping up with this!)

PARIS&LAUREN- I cannot believe I carried you two perfect little beings in my body for 9 amazing months! Feeling your little feet and hands hit me from the inside made me so proud that I could carry you and have you in my arms 9months later! Every little thing you two Princesses do makes me more and more proud each second I am around you! Mommy loves you, from the moment I felt your sweet spirits and forever after that!

SKYLER-  My Hubby. The love of my life. My partner in crime. One of my best friends. I am so proud of all your work you do for us (your little family)! I am so proud to call you my husband! You put your heart and soul into every little thing you do (which is so amazing). Your love for technology and music is awe inspiring. And your love for our daughters warms my heart and makes me feel so grateful that they will have a loving father in their lives. Just seeing your sweet face makes my heart swell with pride that you are mine. Forever.

KELSEY-  My best friend since 7th grade! Sometimes we could not be more different (the basketball shorts and my high heels!) but we make quite the pair! You are perfect the way you are and you are comfortable with who you are! I am so proud of you..I wish I could be as confident and as caring as you are! You try and see the good in every situation and you often times keep me grounded and looking for the brighter side of things. Don’t ever let anyone tell you you need to change. EVER.

MARKY- Marky boy, my best friend since you came into this stinkin world! I am so proud of you Mark you have no idea! You are so intelligent and you will do some amazing things in this world. I always find myself talking to other people about you, telling them your going to be a doctor and all the things you’ve done so far to become a doctor (I think I am as excited about this as you are!). You will be a great leader some day.

CHRISTIAN- Kissy-bear, your kindness and caring towards everyone has always amazed me. But during Capoeira or on the field you are one unstoppable machine! Your physical strength and ability is pretty freakin amazing. And it always makes me envy you, you little brat! Even though you are one unstoppable force you have a soft side and that will take you far in life.

LILY- My little lils pills, we always have a good time together. Laughing and teasing each other. You’re the baby of the family! But you are so focused on what you want (when you want something) and nothing can stop you! All three of your older siblings are so proud of everything you do little Lils and nothing can ever change that. Your creativity will definitely make this world a brighter place.