It’s Friday! [love note to skyler]

It’s finally Friday!! It seems like this week has been going by so slow !!

Skyler is busy working on a big project.

I had a wedding shoot on Thursday.

And the girls are busy destroying every inch of the house.

Hopefully things will slow down soon (just a little bit though)


I wanted to write a little bit about something that is always on my mind.

My Husband!


He is the greatest man I know! And the greatest father to the girls!



I was thinking about some of the little things I love about this adorable man of mine…


1.) He is always so willing to learn and he is quick at it….

2.) The way he quickly ruins movies or tv shows.. Example.. “There is no way that would happen in real life”..or “there is no code like that that would be able to do this!” Or my favorite “notice how they are using Mac or Linux and NOT a windows?” Haha

3.) The trail of clothes he leaves for me to clean up in the morning. It starts at our bed and leads all the way up to our dresser.

4.) His coding jokes or jokes that only his coworkers would understand. Yet he tells us anyways and we laugh because he finds it so hilarious.

5.) He is one of the few who totally gets my sense of humor and doesn’t look at me like I am some sort of freak.

6.) He always supports me in the hobbies I enjoy. He even gets into it too! Suggesting certain cupcakes to try or helping me edit my photography pictures.

7.) He loves to roll around and play with the girls and they absolutely love it! Being able to have daddy to themselves as soon as he gets off of work.

8.) He is such a strong person. I don’t know how he goes through some of the things he does as provider/protector of the family. Or how quickly and calmly (either that or he hides it REALLY well) he goes into action when I have a seizure. And when I wake up he is there for me.

9.) He is always trying to better himself and his work so he can provide a great living for his family.

10.) AND his love for me and the girls.


This morning (like every morning) as he gets ready to leave for work he comes over and makes sure I am all covered up so I am not cold. He then gives me multiple kisses all over my face and one big smooch right on my lips. He tells me he loves me and he will see me after work. Some mornings I try and mumble something back but I’m pretty sure it’s not even English.


He is the man of my dreams.

My Prince Charming.

I love my Skyler Lewis!



mrs. Skyler Lewis