The Crazy One


This little angel face is a mischievous one..

She is constantly climbing on things and getting into anything in her reach.

She loves jumping on our bean bag and I even caught her trying to jump from the ottoman to the couch! She kept saying jump too. But nothing compares to the nightmare I had to deal with yesterday morning! I woke up (the girls were already awake) and thought the girls were still happy enough for me to run to the bathroom without any crying or fussing. Soon after I walked in Paris was knocking on the door saying “mommy I have to pee!” so I hurried and left the bathroom to her. When I walked back into the room I saw Lauren chewing on something. I panicked thinking Paris might have given her something she could choke on. Boy was I wrong.. I walk over and was immediately horrified. SHE WAS EATING HER OWN POOP!! Somehow she had managed to open one side of her diaper and found what was inside. I quickly grabbed a wipe and took it from her. Then I pulled her out and changed her diaper. [on the verge of vomiting the entire time] After she was changed I pulled her clothes off and went to wash her hands with soap and repeatedly cleaned her mouth out with some baby toothpaste. It was seriously the worst day ever. I had hoped it would never happen to me..

But that little girl is so smart and has even started talking and signing.


So today Paris thought it would be a good idea to kick her sister.. Several times! And the rule is.. If you hit sister you get a time out right away. As she was sitting there Lauren came around the bench and saw Paris sitting there with her arms folded. Lauren smiled really big and joined Paris against the wall. It was the cutest thing ever.


Meanwhile any spare time I have had I’ve been working on this drawing. I’ve been working on it for days and I want to frame it when I’m done.

Until next time!