The Little Things I Loved About Our Wedding

I loved our wedding day in all of it’s entirety..

But the past few days I’ve been thinking of the little reasons that made it so special..

Here are a few..


To start off. I love that we were married on my Grandpa Carl’s birthday. He had unfortunately passed away a little while before we were married and this was our way of honoring him and his memory.


I LOVED my wedding cake! It was the ONE thing I was picky about. (And my dress which brings me to the next one…)


I love my wedding dress! It is perfect in every way! And I felt like a Princess in it!


I loved my dance with my dad! I cried my eyes out of course! I’m obviously his favorite!


I love that during our first dance Skyler sang our song to me in my ear.. That memory makes me cry to this day..


I loved loved LOVED that we had so many people come and support us on our day! I loved that family near and far traveled to be with us. I am always so thankful for this..


I loved that our little brothers were our ring bearers.. You should see them now! Holy cow they’ve grown!


I loved my bridesmaids and my little sis who carried my dress train


PS Skyler’s groomsmen were pretty dope too ;]


I love these pictures with us and my brother. He’s a big part of our story and we love him lots.


I love that Adam chased our getaway car with a sparkler. And I love that our great friend Brad chauffeured us to our apartment in my dad’s car. And he said “where to mr & mrs Lewis?” Hehe


Most of all.. I love that I got to marry Skyler that day. Surrounded by those we love. Marrying him was the best part for sure.