UI Design

I probably could start out by saying “Things have been so crazy” but I think I could say that every time. We have been living with Cynthia’s parents over the last few weeks, and we will do so for a few more months to come, in an attempt to pay off hospital debt from the pregnancy and from Cynthia’s seizure, as well as save for a down on a home. Goal is to be out by February. It’s been an adjustment for sure, and sometimes the itch to move out is almost more than I can scratch, but we couldn’t be more blessed, and the timing couldn’t have been more perfect.

At work I have been focusing on getting current with HTML/CSS (programming language) standards, as they are ever evolving, and I feel I am a little behind. I am just about there, though, and am looking for freelance work. (Contact me if you need a website) I have been found three loves because of my recent work in UI design.

1) Colourlovers.com – An amazing website that is all about colors, and color pallets, which has been super helpful, and entertaining.

2) Patterntap.com – A cool website that shows off cool parts of websites, be it a font, color, button, backgrounds, and more.

3) Dryearth.com – This is my website, and much like the above Patterntap, this is where I am going to be putting all of my favorite resources for cool snippets I find on the web. Picasso said “Good artists copy; great artists steal”

Other than that, Cynthia has been well, and fortunately we haven’t seen any more seizures. I can only cross my fingers and hope that she stays okay. I do lover her, and I dread that memory.

Paris is two and is SO cute! She talks, and tells stories, and it’s amazing how much she loves me (and Vice Versa!) If she is awake when I leave from work, she demands a goodbye kiss, and when I get back from work she runs to me and gives me huge hugs!

Lauren is getting to see a lot more now, and is starting to laugh. She has big eyes just like her sister and thinks taking off her shirt is funny (for some reason) She is three months now and is healthy 🙂

Long update, so thanks for listening!

– Skyler