Finger Paint Madness


A week ago the babies and I had a project to do. Finger paint pictures. The girls loved it and we had to wash off a lot of paint after but it was so much fun! Lauren knew right away what to do. Smearing it all over the place. Sticking her feet in the different colors. Paris was serious about it. Having her colors in a neat row. Using one tiny finger to carefully detail a picture. But along came Lauren and destroyed the whole thing. Usually Paris erupts in crying and yelling at Lauren, however, this time she laughed and joined right in. Now the pieces of art are sitting on the kitchen table for all to enjoy,


Fall time is here. Which means fall time traditions come along with it. Our attempt at caramel apples this year was such a flop. The caramel melted everywhere. I wish I had pictures but I quickly threw the apples away.

Wednesday we went to the corn maze and we had a lot of fun. The place wasn’t as kept up as it was last year and the corn maze was extremely small. Paris had a lot of fun leading the way through the corn maze and Lauren kept trying to stop and eat the corn. Spending time together was the best part. I love having these fall traditions that the girls will look forward to each year.


Sky surprised me last night with a stay in date night. Candle light dinner (my favorite Buffalo Wild Wings) Haagen Dazs, and one of our favorite movies… Zombieland! It was so great and so sweet of him. Date nights are so important for a married relationship. It gives us a time to reconnect after busy weeks of work and taking care of babies.


A few photos from the past week or two…


(My flowers Skyler bought for me)


(Paris took my phone and took a few pics. The last picture is out bowling night with Nolan and Chela)

Until next time!

x. Cindynandez